Our Proven Approach

With very experienced staff and a clear philosophy, The Rumpus Room offers an exceptional and proven choice to allow your child to play, learn and grow. To support our philosophies we have developed a play based, project centred programme that allows children to explore their own interests and develop a greater understanding of the way the world around them works.

We understand the importance of creating respectful interactions between the child and teachers, where the child is an active participant. With this in mind we promote an environment for our children which allows them to be curious, investigate, make decisions and problem solve to make sense of their world and their place in it.

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Exceptional early childhood education

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Our Distinct Philosophy

At The Rumpus Room we believe in fostering strong and trusting relationships, building links to our community and ensuring constant communication between teachers and families. The development of trusting relationships is essential to effective learning and our children benefit from having a close relationship with a key caregiver. We work with parents to understand each child’s individual routines in order to ensure consistency between the centre and home.

Having strong ties to their environment gives children a sense of well-being and belonging so we ensure that we get into our local community as much as possible. We also work with the new entrant teachers at our local Primary Schools to help our children transition seamlessly to school. We know that the education of children is a partnership between the centre and home and so we keep families informed with an online parent portal and weekly newsletters.

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About Us

The Rumpus Room was established by a local couple, Cameron Greig and Beth McKay after they struggled to find local childcare for their children. Cam and Beth were inspired to create the centre they wanted their children to attend. They are passionate central westies who produce a weekly community email (subscribe here) and have a strong commitment to ensuring the centre is an integral part of the community. Centre manager Carolyn Mansfield runs the day-to-day operations of the centre, with planning and direction managed jointly between them.

Why our parents love us

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