I have been teaching for 11 years, predominantly working with 1-year olds.  I am passionate about the RIE approach and letting children’s learning and development unfold naturally.  I love working in the primary care environment we have here at The Rumpus Room as I feel that it is the best way for infants and toddlers to learn, as well as feel safe and secure.
I have an interest in psychology and have completed my Diploma in Child and Adolescent Psychology through Open Polytechnic after completing my Bachelor of Education at Auckland University in 2005.  I enjoy documenting children’s learning and observing their language development over time. I enjoy going for walks and exploring new places with family and friends and I have a passion for art history, in particular the Impressionist era and my favourite artist is Degas.  I am an avid reader and hope that I can pass this passion on to young children.I feel privileged to work with the children and families of the Rumpus Room and the amazing team we have built up.  I look forward to continuing this journey for years to come.