Hi, I’m Heidi and I have been lucky to be a part of The Rumpus Room whanau since our Pt Chev centre opened in 2012.  I have been working in ECE now for 16 years so I can truly say that it is a passion for me and not just a ‘job!’.  My husband and I met at high school (quite a while ago now) so it feels like in some ways we have been together forever.  We also have a wee little guy called Quinn who was born in 2017 and it has been incredible watching him see, learn and explore his new world.  I definitely have a whole different level of empathy and understanding for what it is like to be a parent know I have my own child.  Creating a place where children feel comfortable to be themselves,  are treated with kindness and respect and feel safe to freely explore alongside people that really know them is what is really important to me and underpins my teaching and learning philosophy.  I feel honoured to be here at The Rumpus Room working alongside a passionate team of children, families and teachers.